Why choose a custom vehicle body conversion?


From large fleets to small independent businesses, people rely on a range of vehicles to help them carry out their daily jobs on the road. However, no two businesses are entirely the same and many operators require their vehicles carry out different tasks.

Customised vehicle bodies are growing in popularity, thanks to the multitude of possible additions and alterations to high-spec vans, trucks and HGVs. Commercial bodybuilders like Brit-Tipp have been able to assist all kinds of businesses and operators with vehicle conversions to meet their exact needs and requirements.

Range of available body types

With multiple Vehicle Type Approvals, Brit-Tipp is capable of taking various vehicle bodies and transforming them to suit different purposes depending on your unique specifications. With box, cage and Luton bodies available, those transporting cargo or collecting materials can get the right vehicle to carry their loads.

Not everyone needs vehicles solely for transport, though. For areas like outdoor construction, roadside maintenance and arboricultural works, your vehicle is often a vital tool in itself. These tasks may require use of a tipper or flatbed, which can also utilise dropsides or beavertails to extend the vehicle’s capabilities. Whatever your business’ needs, we have the on-site expertise to customise vehicles to function exactly the way you need.

Additional accessories

Building the bodywork is just the beginning when it comes to customising a new vehicle. Various fixtures, fittings and tools can be incorporated into the bodywork to get your vehicle fit for the desired purpose. From beacons and working lights to tow bars and access steps, relatively small additions help provide your vehicle with extra versatility for the jobs ahead.

For something a bit more complex, automated moveable components including cranes, tail lifts and even waste bin lifts are available to carry out heavy lifting jobs and assist with bulky loads. What’s more, your vehicle isn’t just restricted to one or two accessories. With a completely customised conversion, you can mix and match as many extras as you’ll need to carry out your daily tasks.

If you require a custom body conversion for a new vehicle, get in touch with Brit-Tipp by calling 01925 444330 or sending an email to enquiries@brit-tipp.co.uk with your details. You can also use our online configurator tool to provide us with your requirements and request a quote.

Start Your Conversion

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