Why are logistics businesses hesitant to invest in new technologies?


Despite all the recent advances in technology that can help improve productivity, there are many operators in the transport sector who are still not willing to invest. From logistics to services, so many businesses today are reliant on commercial vehicles and drivers to conduct activities all over the country.

Virtually any business has practices that can be improved, however, whether through employing more skilled workers or using newer tools and operating methods. As we make greater strides in technology, new software and hardware have emerged over the years to help make daily operations smoother.

There are still many businesses across the logistics sector that have been slow or even reluctant to take up these newer technologies, though. Here we look at how the new developments aim to revolutionise commercial vehicle operators, as well as the reasons that might be stopping businesses from pursuing a more techie future.

New technology in vehicles

So many processes in daily life have become automated that it makes sense for aspects of the transport sector to benefit from more machine-led processes. In recent years, we’ve witnessed the rise of in cab camera systems and telematics to improve driver safety and behaviour on the roads, whilst also being able to easily analyse aspects like productivity and profitability.

Future developments in artificial intelligence could see trials of autonomous self-driving systems soon becoming much more widespread. That said, there will still be several hurdles to overcome for many business operators. These include the reliability of self-driving vehicles, their perception in the wider public, and – like most new technologies – the cost of investment.

It’s clear that commercial vehicle operators will want to take advantage of incredible new technologies at some point, but none are currently prepared to take any risks right away. While there are concerns over stability, cost and the need for skilled employees to use new technologies, there is hope on the horizon that they may be gradually adopted. It’s ultimately a matter of time – it’s simply a question of “how long?”

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