What to consider when buying a new commercial vehicle


If you’re starting up a new business, you’ll no doubt be on top of all the equipment and resources you’ll need to get moving. But if you’re business relies on using a commercial vehicle, it may be difficult to decide on exactly the right one that meets your needs – especially with so many options available to you.

It’s not just a case of finding which commercial van is right for you, though. Depending on the nature of your business and your vehicle usage, it may even be advisable to seek out a customised conversion for your chosen vehicle.

Choose what matters to your business

Many of the major vehicle manufacturers will have specialised ranges of commercial vans, trucks and lorries, so it’s not necessarily a case of picking “the best make”. Instead, different manufacturers and different vehicle types will focus on different aspects to give you what you need.

If your business involves travelling long distances – for haulage and delivery for example – you’ll want to take a look at the highest miles per gallon (MPG) you can get, especially with fuel prices going through the roof.

Need a particularly heavy vehicle or one that’s suitable for towing large loads? Engine size will be a big factor here, so you can rely on more power to get moving quickly and efficiently.

Customise your vehicle with Brit-Tipp

Even though there are plenty of vehicle body types readily available, you may find that your business requires you to have some additional extras or even a full body conversion. From beavertails, dropsides and hydraulic tippers, to full height box bodies and curtain siders, different jobs will utilise a vehicle in different ways.

Extra accessories can also be incorporated into your ideal vehicle body, with cranes, tail lifts and bin lifts allowing for easy lifting of cargo. Storage lockers and mounted toolboxes can help you to carry all the essential items needed for the jobs at hand. Finally, beacons and working lights help to alert other motorists to take care near your vehicle, day or night.

There are plenty of different makes, models, body types and accessories available for you to build the blueprints for your ideal vehicle. Once you know what you need, body conversion specialists like Brit-Tipp can turn those blueprints into a reality.

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