Watch that cyclist – operating your large vehicle safely


HGVs, trucks and vans are amongst some of the biggest vehicles on the road, but there are plenty of smaller vehicles to constantly be on the lookout for. Cyclists and motorcyclists are more vulnerable on the roads and more likely to be badly affected in a road accident.

The larger your vehicle, the more difficult it can be to control and the more aware you need to be of road safety – not just for yourself but for the safety of others too. There are plenty of ways you can aid those on bikes and motorbikes in being safe on the roads.

Stay alert

First and foremost, alertness is absolutely paramount for any motorist. This means always being aware of your surroundings and being prepared for anything. As the driver of a large or heavy vehicle, it’s likely you’re going to be travelling much slower than other traffic, so be on the lookout for any motorcycles quickly coming up beside you.

Be aware of your blind spots

Bikes and motorbikes are much smaller than other traffic and they can easily be obscured in your blind spots. Take extra care to be aware of these areas around your vehicle and even consider additional measures to increase your visibility. For example, you can use extended mirrors or adapt your mirrors for a wider field of view. Many businesses may also want to invest in on-board camera systems, to help drivers get a complete view of their surroundings and keep footage of any incidents to prove when you’re not at fault.

Use appropriate warnings on your vehicle

Larger vehicles – HGVs in particular – should have plenty of warning signs to help other motorists keep their distance. It’s important to ensure these signs are clearly visible and your vehicle is cleaned regularly to prevent them being obscured by dirt. You may even want to use audible alerts for when your vehicle is reversing or making other manoeuvres. This will help other road users remain on alert too and minimise the risk of any accidents.

Those on bicycles and motorcycles have just as much responsibility on the road, but by following some of the above advice, operators of larger vehicles can be more conscious and considerate of other road users at all times.

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