Tracking your fleet with telematics and on-board cameras


Any business or organisation using a fleet of vehicles – no matter what they are – may have found it difficult to keep track of drivers and commercial assets in the past. However, advances in technology and data infrastructures make sure that modern day fleet tracking is now easier than ever.

Utilising things like telematics systems and in-cab cameras, managers can monitor their fleet’s all-round efficiency. Fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and driving behaviours can all be tracked in real-time. If your current setup doesn’t take advantage of these methods, it might be time to give your vehicles a nifty little upgrade at a relatively low cost.

Fleet telematics

You might’ve heard of black boxes being added to more and more vehicles, largely to help motorists cut down their insurance premiums. Well, this black box is a telematics system, using internal monitoring and GPS location tracking to keep a log of how efficiently your vehicle is being driven – an important factor in managing commercial fleets.

By gaining a much clearer picture of your fleet’s efficiency and economy, you’ll be able to see where any improvements can be made, increasing your productivity. What’s more, you can use GPS tracking to recover any stolen vehicles or identify any rogue drivers within your force.

Dashboard cameras

Installing dashboard cameras to your commercial vehicles can help you to identify any unsafe driving habits by your staff, as well as helping to cut down on insurance costs. Combined with telematics, they can provide video footage at the time of any unexpected incidents, whether caused by your driver or somebody else on the road.

By fitting a front-facing camera to your windscreen, you get a clear, wide-angle view of the road ahead. Such footage can also be used in legal cases where you may need to prove your driver’s innocence – especially as other motorists may attempt to claim against you by intentionally causing an accident.

It’s never been easier to keep on top of your vehicles at all times. Adding the extra technology to your existing fleet can greatly benefit your overall operations, helping you to keep an eye on key figures, driver performances and even provide you with the right evidence to settle any disputes quickly, without any of the hassle.

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