The rising use of telematics among UK fleets


New research conducted by vehicle leasing company Arval has indicated that one-third (33%) of UK fleets now use telematics to monitor commercial drivers and their behaviour. This figure is greater than other countries throughout Europe, with just under one in five (19%) fleet operators adopting the technology across the continent as a whole.

The findings come as part of the company’s regular fleet research – the long-standing Corporate Vehicle Observatory (CVO) Barometer – which is conducted and published annually. The results of the 2018 edition consisted of information gathered from 3,718 fleets from 12 different countries across Europe.

Increased interest among businesses using telematics

A common observation in the data suggested a trend of larger fleet operators being more likely to adopt telematics systems. Companies with fleets comprised of over 50 cars, vans and HGVs were three times more likely to use telematics than those with fewer than 10 vehicles.

The top reason given by UK fleets for using telematics was to locate vehicles easily, allowing them to keep track of drivers reaching their destinations in time and to ensure appropriate routes are followed. Also high up the list was the ability to identify where improvements could be made to driver safety and behaviour. Optimising journeys and monitoring fuel usage are also highly useful benefits that help operators to reduce their overall fleet costs.

Analysing the data

As the cost of telematics systems has fallen considerably in recent years, the increase in usage among fleet operators has been described as “dramatic” by the Head of Arval’s CVO in the UK, Shaun Sadlier. He went on to say: “Certainly, we aren’t surprised to see around one in three fleets now using it.”

Mr Sadlier noted that the majority of respondents all mentioned the top five points as key reasons for using the technology, rather than just highlighting one specific reason. He said that the appeal of telematics comes down to a “basket of benefits related to safety, cost and efficiency and it is all these things together that makes telematics such a strong proposition.”

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