The benefits of smart tyre monitoring for older vehicles


As technology advances, more vehicle manufacturers are including various digital methods to improve operation and maintenance on the road. Newly built cars today include tyre pressure monitoring systems for motorists to easily keep an eye on tyre pressures that can often get forgotten about.

In-built tyre monitoring technology has been mandatory for passenger vehicles since 2012, however there’s currently no legislation in place when it comes to commercial vehicles. Despite growing calls for regulations to be introduced, it’s currently left up to commercial operators whether they want to digitally monitor tyre pressures on their fleet.

Systems don’t necessarily need to be built in – there are various devices readily available that can simply be attached to vehicles. Sensors mounted on the tyres can constantly monitor air pressure and notify drivers and operators when a tyre dips below its recommended level.

It’s currently estimated that around 1 in 4 vehicles on the road have under-inflated tyres. Tyres at incorrect pressure levels are often more prone to tread wear and can badly affect fuel consumption. Keeping tyres properly inflated on a regular basis makes a significant difference, not only to tyre integrity, but also to the vehicle’s performance overall.

Some tyre manufacturers, like Pirelli and Continental, have specialist products that can integrate with fleets to sense air pressure, tyre temperature and wheel speed, providing alerts where necessary. On top of this, Goodyear is developing and trialling its own technology for commercial fleets, to be unveiled publicly in the near future.

Thanks to these new technologies, more and more operators are going ahead and embracing the benefits of digital tyre pressure monitoring. While adopting the tech may pose a financial worry, it hopes to be outweighed by savings on fuel economy and replacing blown out tyres. To combat the costs, the industry also hopes to see legislation on in-built monitoring as standard in the near future.

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