Rising demand for custom conversions in large vehicles


Commercial vehicles today are used for a wide variety of reasons, from cargo haulage to product delivery and transporting materials to worksites. In order for these vehicles to accommodate the necessary jobs and functions, customised interiors and exteriors have become increasingly common.

While customised vehicles will often be built to specification, in some cases fleet operators may want to repurpose existing vehicles. As conversions become more and more popular, there are now more options than ever before for operators and organisations to modify vans, trucks and HGVs.

The installation of customised shelving and racks allows for storage space to carry tools or heavy working materials. Frames can consist of lightweight metal, capable of holding substantial amounts of weight, as well as keeping loose objects secure. This helps to prevent potential damage to those objects and the vehicle’s interior caused by excessive movement when in transit.

Secure fixtures and fittings in the cargo hold of large vehicles are also vital for situations involving the transportation of live animals. Horse boxes are fairly common in the farming and agriculture industry, while strengthened caging methods may be necessary when transferring large animals to and from zoos and wildlife reserves.

HGVs and trucks can also be equipped with fittings and fixtures to serve mobile services to the public, like libraries or medical clinics. Vehicles for voluntary blood donations are fairly common, allowing medical charities to travel and set up in heavily populated areas – like city centres – as walk-in units.

Whatever the uses for customised vehicles, many operators are using the opportunities given by specialist conversion companies to ensure that fittings and fixtures are properly installed. Safety and security are always of a high priority, which can become compromised if vehicle conversion is carried out incorrectly. If you have specific requirements for converting an existing vehicle, it’s best to seek professional assistance rather than attempt to make your own modifications.

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