Make sure your trailer is registered for international journeys


From 28 March, fleet operators in the UK now need to ensure that any trailers travelling abroad are registered under a new scheme. The DVLA’s “Register your trailer to take it abroad” service allows you to comply with a global directive when taking your trailer vehicles on the road in different countries.

Following the UK’s ratification of the UN’s 1968 Vienna Convention of Road Traffic, all trailers of various different categories need to be properly registered when operating in countries that have also agreed to the deal.

Mandatory registration

All commercial use trailers with a gross weight of 750kg or more will need to be registered through the DVLA before setting off internationally. It will also be mandatory for any non-commercial use trailers to be registered if they weigh more that 3,500kg, whilst lighter trailer can also be voluntarily registered too.

Going through the new DVLA service means that a ‘secure trailer registration’ certificate will be issued, alongside the authorisation for a number plate for the trailer. Like all other vehicles, the number plate needs to be properly displayed on the trailer, and it’ll be useful to keep the certificate handy to present it to foreign authorities if requested.

Insurance Green Cards

Trailer registration isn’t the only thing hauliers and operators need to worry about. Proof of insurance is also necessary, especially if travelling in certain EU or EEA countries. This is usually done with separate Green Cards for both the towing vehicle and the trailer.

This means that you may not need to get entirely separate insurance for your trailer, but it’s always a good idea to check with your provider first. You should also make sure to check the legislation of the country or countries you’ll be operating in before you go to make sure you have the correct documents available, from Green Cards to mandatory trailer registration certificates.

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