Increased efforts to attract more people to HGV roles


With thousands of commercial vehicles being operated throughout the country, the haulage industry is becoming increasingly reliant on more and more engineers to build, maintain and regularly test them. However, worker shortages and uncertainty when securing test slots for vehicles have led to calls for rapid changes.

From apprenticeship schemes to full-blown recruitment drives, we’re beginning to see the present lack of human resources being addressed. While it may take some time to train individuals starting out in this sector, it’s surely a step in the right direction.

HGV testers for MOTs

Following pressures from operators and industry groups, the DVSA has pledged to step up its efforts to recruit and retain HGV testers to carry out MOTs. In an effort to tackle the challenges seen at Authorised Testing Facilities (ATFs), increased worker numbers are expected to provide assistance through the busy summer period.

DVSA director of operations, Richard Hennessey, said: “We acknowledge that ATFs, operators and their representative bodies are very concerned about the availability of testing slots.” He went on announce that the DVSA would “help ensure that there is adequate testing capacity in areas of high demand,” which will be done by recruiting an additional 85 vehicle testers in these areas.

More diversity in engineering

One government minister has also called upon more people to pursue crucial roles in the transport sector. Speaking at an All-Party Parliamentary Group, transport minister Nusrat Ghani stressed a desire for more inclusivity and diversity in these professions, stating that only 6% of engineers come from black or ethnic minority backgrounds, while around 10% of all engineers are women.

Ms Ghani said: “The success of our sector is dependent upon sourcing the right people with the right skills, ensuring we maximise our talent pool.” She later adding: “We need all young people, especially girls and young women, to realise how much they could achieve as an engineer.”

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