How is coronavirus impacting commercial drivers?


Over the course of the month so far, the situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic has escalated rapidly, and this is expected to continue for some time. Not only is it having a massive effect on daily lives, it’s also causing a lot of disruption in many different industries, including the commercial vehicle sector.

There are important points to be mindful of in all areas of industry, whether working alone or as part of a team. Health and hygiene recommendations given out in recent weeks still apply, so regular hand washing is highly advised and it’s important to recognise that inevitably that some workers will – at some point – need to self-isolate at home.

Should commercial operators be concerned?

Many businesses and tradespeople are bound to be feeling the strain in these uncertain times. Whether you use a few commercial vehicles for tools and equipment or a large fleet for haulage, companies are heavily reliant on their workforces. As so many people are increasingly urged to distance themselves from others or even stay home, there will be a huge knock-on effect for commercial operators.

This will be especially difficult for those responsible for delivering stocks of vital goods like food, home supplies and medications to supermarkets and pharmacies. International hauliers are also advised to check with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Trade across borders is expected to continue, but certain restrictions could be put in place in the near future.

It is important for individual operators to assess the impacts to their businesses, as well as the potential knock-on effects for the economy and people’s daily lives. A pandemic like this – especially with the global situation developing so rapidly – is almost impossible for any business to prepare for.

A lot of businesses and drivers in the transport and logistics sector will be taking things day by day. The best way to stay on top of things will be to continue following the advice of government and the World Health Organisation on matters of best practices and hygiene. As for the effects on industry and how long the situation will last, we’re presently stuck with a very big question mark.

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