How important are dashcams for commercial drivers


It’s difficult to find a vehicle on the road these days that doesn’t use a dashboard camera of some kind. From private car owners to commercial vehicle operators, many motorists are using cameras to help improve their safety and security on the road.

Whether your business utilises a large fleet of HGVs, a handful of service vehicles or just a single van, using a dashcam can benefit you in several different ways.

Lower your insurance premiums

By installing a dashcam in your cab demonstrate a great level of responsibility and security when you’re out on the road. Dashcam footage can be used to check the validity of insurance claims whenever an accident occurs. This gives you an extra layer of protection in any claims event, but also can help to lower the cost of your annual policy.

Many insurers offer discounts on premiums for drivers using dashboard cameras. What’s more, the necessary kit can be found relatively cheaply these days. This means a fairly small investment now can help you save considerably on future insurance costs.

Encourage safety and security

Having a dashcam in your cabin can have a significant effect on driver psychology – forcing you to take more care on the road and avoid bad habits. This not only means you’re at lower risk of running into any traffic incidents, but if you’re a fleet manager, it can provide peace of mind that your drivers are operating safely.

Depending on the model of camera you use, some have the ability to stay on standby when not in use but rely on motion detection to begin recording. If anyone should attempt to break in or vandalise your vehicle whilst it’s unattended, your camera will kick into action and record everything.

Finally, dashcam footage can even be useful for training new recruits or encouraging your existing drivers to be mindful of their conduct on the road. These small but powerful tools have revolutionised the transport industry to ensure we all stay safe and even save money during our daily operations.

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