How commercial operators can cope with the long-term effects of COVID


It’s been just over six months since the UK was first placed under lockdown measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, people and businesses have had to radically adapt their daily lives as quickly as possible to stay afloat.

With a recent spike in new cases, it looks likely that new practices and processes are here to stay for the long-term. For the commercial vehicle sector, this could mean dealing with increased demand from clients and customers for longer, as well as keeping on top of rigorous hygiene protocols.

Assisting other businesses

Unlike many other businesses, van and truck operators have seen more demand for their services this year. Drivers delivering essential goods – whether PPE stocks for hospitals or food and groceries for supermarkets – have been considered among some of the nation’s key workers. As more people have also been staying at home and ordering items online, this has created a need for more delivery drivers to work quickly and efficiently.

As well as deliveries, a whole host of tradespeople like engineers, plumbers, builders and road maintenance workers have been keeping the wheels turning for people and local businesses alike. In many cases, vehicle operators have even increased hours and expanded their travel distances to provide support. The role of commercial drivers has never been more important for small businesses in particular, assisting them through challenging times and ultimately giving the UK economy a boost.

More digitisation

Going digital has been on the agenda for commercial vehicle operators for many years now. However, the pandemic has greatly accelerated the switch to more digitised processes. The most notable shift has been an increase in remote working for managers and decision-makers. As social distancing limits the amount of people working from an office or depot, it’s likely that the long-term future of the workplace will rely on a hybrid model of workers on-site and at home.

Digital administration is set to dominate all manner of processes like managing drivers’ schedules, booking maintenance repairs and overseeing costs of fuel and taxation. There are many fleet management solutions available for managers to log in and manage all manner of activities from a single dashboard. By doing this from a single digital platform – accessible anywhere with an internet connection – vehicle operators and their teams can ensure longevity in their processes in the long-term.

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