How Brit-Tipp can help you with custom bodybuilding


If you’re looking for a tailor-made vehicle solution to meet your business demands, Brit-Tipp is one of the UK’s leading body conversion specialists ready to help you. From specific body types to bespoke accessories, we’ve got all bases covered to provide whatever you need.

Our team of vehicle bodybuilders put together custom bodies and integrated modifications by hand in our expansive workshop in Warrington, Cheshire. We can consult with you on the specific requirements of your business to design and create vehicles that perform for you, your drivers and your customers.

Body conversions

At Brit-Tipp, we create custom conversions to be used with a wide range of cab makes and models. This allows you to choose the right cab from your preferred manufacturer, along with the body type, functionality and accessories necessary to meet your needs.

Our typical bodies range from 3.5t – 32t tippers, but we can also work with lighter 1t vans and even vehicles over 32t where necessary. Alongside tippers, we’re also specialists in producing dropsides, beaver tails, cage bodies and more. We use combinations of galvanised steel and aluminium in creating bespoke bodies for various different uses.

Our accreditations

For a specialist job such as this, you want to be sure you’re in good, capable hands. With our accreditations and Vehicle Type Approvals in place, Brit-Tipp is able to demonstrate our expertise through our work process, techniques and overall results.

We work closely with VCA to ensure that we have the type approvals in place to meet specific performance standards and build bodies compliant with legislation. Further to this, we also work closely with other member companies of SMMT – The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders – allowing us to play a significant part in the UK’s motor industry.

Brit-Tipp prides itself on a unique approach that provides a wide spectrum of choice in an industry that’s often dominated by standardisation. Through our consultants, our design and production team will listen to your needs and work in partnership with you to ensure your completed vehicle is suited to your expectations.

Get in touch with us today online or call 01925 444 330 to find out how we can help you with a custom vehicle body.

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