Handling the unpredictable weather


It can’t have escaped your notice that our good old British weather is getting pretty barmy… even more so than usual. We had such a mild Winter that we’re now dealing with quite a cold and bitter Spring. High winds and unpredictable rain are hitting us quite frequently, with frosty and icy mornings also a regular occurrence.

Bad weather can be a nightmare for any driver, and it only gets worse for larger vehicles. Not only is reduced visibility a common issue, several other factors can be affected by extreme weather that we don’t necessarily see. Never-the-less, it’s still vitally important to stay safe on the roads, no matter how difficult conditions get.

This time of year typically sees our rainy season, and we’ve already had occasional spells of rain across the country. However, conditions are due to get worse over the rest of the month, with higher winds and even the chance of snow on higher ground across parts of the north. Dealing with weather that’s a bit out of the ordinary for the time of year, it’s certainly worth bearing in mind those aspects you wouldn’t normally consider.

All in all, the best advice we can give for hauliers and other heavy vehicle drivers is to drive slowly. It’s better to allow yourself the extra time in your journeys than to rush around and risk any accidents. High winds and wet roads are bad enough for cars, never mind larger vehicles, so travelling slower than usual is certainly recommended.

Wet roads always have an impact on braking distances, further affected by a heavier vehicle weight. Particularly for HGVs, trailers and commercial bodies, sudden gusts of wind can make swaying a common occurrence. By maintaining a low speed and keeping both hands on the wheel, you have better control over your vehicle, reducing any chance of accidents.

Fortunately, things could well be looking brighter again soon, weather-wise. But for the meantime, in the face of constantly changing, unpredictable conditions, it’s best for all drivers to be prepared and stay alert in case of any sudden, drastic changes.

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