Handling heavy vehicles in adverse weather conditions


It is around this time of year that we need to be mindful of difficult weather conditions on the roads, especially as they become more and more extreme. The larger and heavier your vehicle, the trickier it becomes to handle, so it’s essential to be well prepared, remain fully alert and keep control.

While some days may be mild, conditions can change quite quickly with massive downpours and high winds likely. If you regularly operate a large vehicle, it’s vital to plan ahead for any sudden extreme shifts in the weather.

Water on road surfaces

Whenever a heavy downpour comes along and the windscreen wipers go on full speed, we all know how annoying it can be to see ahead through the gloom. But reduced visibility isn’t the only problem for drivers during torrential rain. The surface of the road also becomes more and more slippery, making handling conditions much harder.

For this reason, it’s strongly advisable to ensure your tyres are always in good conditions before setting off on any journey. This will help your vehicle to maintain a better grip on the road. If steering ever begins to feel lighter, or if it takes longer than normal for brakes to kick into action, easing off the accelerator will allow your vehicle to slow down naturally.

Take extra care while driving

The combination of poor visibility and slippery roads during heavy rain will also mean it’s necessary to reduce speed and keep distance from other drivers. This is especially the case if you’re operating a long or heavy vehicle, which requires extra care when handling even under normal circumstances.

Puddles can be particularly dangerous as it’s not immediately clear how deep they are – from shallow bumps to damaging potholes. It’s important to avoid them as much as possible; particularly since potholes are much more common occurrences in winter when sections of tarmac are likely to crack more easily in the extreme cold.

All in all, carrying out regular health checks of your vehicles during the winter months will help you to handle any unexpected adverse weather conditions. Being prepared for every eventuality is also a must, so be sure to carry extra supplies with you and take greater care whenever you’re behind the wheel.

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