Fuel saving tips for your commercial fleet


Whether your business operates one or two vehicles or a whole fleet, improving your fuel consumption is one of the most important things you can do. It’s easy for drivers to slip into certain habits that might mean best practices and fuel conservation standards start slipping.

Not only can economic fuel usage help you to save money, there are also environmentally friendly benefits to reducing consumption. To make sure you and your team stay on top, there are a few simple fuel-saving tips that you can follow every day.

Driver habits and vehicle maintenance

Driver behaviour is one of the key factors that affect fuel usage. Fluctuating speeds, braking and gear usage can all contribute to accidental wastage of fuel if you’re not careful. By having regular driver training and refresher sessions, you can encourage your employees to make small adjustments to their driving style to save precious fuel and limit overall emissions.

It’s not just people that may need to adapt, however. Vehicles can gradually deteriorate over time if not maintained properly. Whilst it’s standard to keep on top of legal requirements for your vehicles, there are small things that can easily go unnoticed that could affect fuel usage. By checking tyre pressures, air filters and oil levels on a regular basis, as well as ensuring no excess weight is being carried around, you can massively improve your fuel economy.

Route planning and pit stops

Before you set off on a long drive, make sure you know the best route to take, keeping in mind that the most direct route may not necessarily be the most fuel efficient. Idling in traffic jams on a busy road can eat into your time and fuel more than taking a quieter, alternative route.

Additionally, motorway service stations are notorious for inflated fuel prices. With plenty of supermarket forecourts and independent garages about, why not plan to make a slight detour when you’re almost ready to refill? If you have a large fleet, fuel is going to be a regular expense, so it may even be useful to research and invest in a discount card or loyalty scheme to make considerable savings in the future.

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