Choose Brit-Tipp for your custom body conversion


Custom vehicle body conversions are essential for helping operators across a range of different sectors. From haulage and delivery to waste collection and arboriculture, businesses large and small rely on vans and trucks built to unique specifications to carry out their work as easily as possible.

At Brit-Tipp, we have the expertise and the Type Approvals to customise a range of vehicle bodies. This allows us to provide various specialist businesses with the right tools for the road that will meet their exact requirements.

Who do we help?

When most people think of commercial vehicles, it usually puts us in mind of lorries and vans capable of transporting goods and making deliveries. We can certainly assist such businesses with a wide range of different bodies, from box bodies to curtain siders.

However, there are plenty of specialisms that use their vehicles as tools for the job. By having a cage body, flatbed or tipping mechanism, custom vehicles can facilitate a wide range of jobs in construction, roadside maintenance and arboricultural works. What’s more, extra accessories like cranes, working lights, beacons and tail lifts can add greater customisation to make your vehicle work for you in the most ideal way.

Check out our Vehicle Type Approvals for more info on the brands and vehicle models we can work with in our workshop.

How does it work?

Simply get in touch with us to make an enquiry for commercial bodybuilding and chat with a member of our sales team to discuss your requirements for a new vehicle or small fleet. You can even use our online Configurator tool to build a blueprint of your ideal vehicle to help us give you an accurate quote.

With the Configurator, you can select from a range of options about all the key aspects of your vehicle, from make and model to body size and type. You’ll also have a chance to include any additional accessories and leave us a brief note about your business and vehicle usage requirements. Take a look at Brit-Tipp’s Configurator today and request a quote for your next vehicle.

Start Your Conversion

Use our configurator to create and customise a vehicle that suits your specific needs. Choose from a range of manufacturers, body types and additional accessories to generate your ideal vehicle and request a quote.

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