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Government review could revolutionise route planning

Government review could revolutionise route planning

11/09/2019 • 01:50pm

Plans to make road traffic data more accessible and available to companies could help drivers to avoid unnecessary congestion in the future. A potential change in legislation could grant mapping companies and fleet operators the chance to better organise journeys for optimal performance and productivity.

The government has announced plans to open up the availability of data on any planned changes to the road network. This means that businesses reliant on road transport could greatly benefit from advance notices of key road closures, diversions and possible traffic jams well ahead of future journeys.

Earlier access to traffic data

Currently, Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are used to outline any restrictions on the roads, such as temporary roadworks or permanent changes to the road network. Following a review into the legislation surrounding TROs, ministers could soon grant companies the ability to develop and enhance route planning and navigational technologies more quickly than normal.

With on-board maps and journey planners having access to this information earlier, drivers and fleet managers can be alerted to potential disruptions months in advance. This will allow operators ample time to sort alternative routes, helping them to save time and money in the long run.

“Reducing congestion”

The Department for Transport believes that this review can support the government’s wider Future of Mobility challenge. This challenge aims to reconsider existing legislation and bring it in line with new technologies as we make further progress in the future. The TRO review hopes to provide data access to vehicle manufacturers and local authorities, helping them predict closures and implement smoother plans for route changes.

Speaking about the recent review, minister for the future of transport George Freeman said: “There is nothing more frustrating than discovering and getting stuck in traffic jams. Today’s announcement will help open up data, reducing congestion, pollution and frustration for road users.”

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